To avoid confusion with reservations, please notify office before 12 Noon if you are staying another night or are unable to leave by check out time. Please read all guidelines listed below, failure to comply may result in expulsion from the park without refund.

Guest check-out time is always 12 Noon.
  1. Please accompany and stay with all children under 6 using the restroom–unsupervised children will be auctioned off on “Ebay”.
  2. Please help us maintain the finest restroom facilities by doing your part. Please inform your party that we need cooperation from everyone. Do not wear muddy or wet clothes inside bathhouse and please dry off in the shower stall before exiting stall.
  3. DO put all garbage in plastic bags and deposit in “Garbage Corral” when leaving.
  4. Golf carts – Must show proof of insurance. Licensed drivers only. ATV’s and motorized scooters are not allowed to be driven within the park.
  5. DO observe the posted 10-mile per hour speed limit throughout the park.
  6. DO observe the quiet hours of 11:00 pm to 7:00 am & all posted rules.
  7. Please leave picnic tables and fire rings in their designated locations.
  8. SCDHEC strictly forbids emptying ANY liquid, including dishwater at campsite. Those using containers should make sure they do not overflow before emptied, use the dump station located near office.
  9. DO let all trees and plants grow undisturbed.
  10. Dispose of cigarette butts in a proper container and not on the ground.
  11. Public display of alcohol or public intoxication will not be tolerated!
  12. DO swim at your own risk in the pool, there is no lifeguard. Use the buddy system to insure your safety. Abide by all rules, accompany and stay with all children under 14 years of age using the pool.
  13. No Eating or smoking (includes smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes) in pool area. NO GLASS allowed in pool area.
  14. No Diving allowed. Violators will be restricted from pool use and possible ejection from campground
  15. DO stay off the rope in the swimming pool, please advise everyone in your party of this rule. Violation will result in restriction from pool.
  16. Proper attire shall be worn in pool; infants and small children wearing diapers MUST wear swim diapers!
  17. No washing dishes or cooking utensils in bathhouse.
  18. No clotheslines or tarps allowed.
  19. No washing of RV or vehicle allowed.
  20. Parents are responsible for the safety and actions of their children.
  21. We are not liable for theft or injuries occurring during your stay with us.
  22. We reserve the right to discharge any campers not abiding by park rules, without refund.
  23. We reserve the right to change or amend any rules we deem necessary
  24. No REFUNDS, we are an all-weather campground.
  25. DO let us know of any conditions requiring immediate attention.
  26. DO feel free to provide constructive suggestions you may.
  27. Fireworks and firearms are not to be discharged in the park.
  28. Maximum of 2 vehicles per site, parked in the gravel not on the grass.
  1. We love pets and welcome your well-behaved pet, please keep them on a leash at all times and under your control. This applies to ALL pets, including but not limited to Dogs, Cats, Horses, Ponies, Pigs, Monkeys, crocodiles, alligators, etc. .
  2. Pets are not allowed in any of the building structures. (bathrooms, Laundry, Office & Cabin)
  3. You are required to clean up after your pet, failure to do so could result in eviction from the park.
  4. Do not leave your pet outside the camping unit overnight.
  5. Do not leave the park with your pet left outside unattended.
  6. Do not allow your pet to disturb other campers.
  7. If tying your pet out, please do so on your site, not on common area.
Failure to provide 24 hours (5 days for holiday weekends and 14 days for Monthly stays) notice of cancellation will result in a one night charge.

3 Replies to “Guidelines for Happy Campers”

    1. Thanks for your interest, Rachele!

      At the moment, all of our monthly sites are full at least until October or November. If you have an immediate need, you can call the office, and we can recommend some other wonderful campgrounds in the area.

      Magnolia RV Park & Campground

    2. hi, Rachele!

      We do have monthly spots, but there is a waiting list for them, and I do have a few more questions for you. Feel free to give the office a call!

      Magnolia RV Park & Campground

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